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Go global, by establishing your
company in America and a branch in Dubai.

Everyone is looking forward to establishing a company in Dubai to keep pace with the global market and to enter into state tenders. With us, you move to international companies, to be the strongest, by establishing your company in America and establishing a branch in Dubai.

An initiative by the International Excellence Foundation, Florida, USA to support distinguished entrepreneurs.

Focus on your daily operations, and leave us the responsibility of establishing your company from the ground up

Everything you need to establish your business is easily found with us from the first moment! With us, learn how to start your own business.

The Company Establishment Department is to support entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen by providing a variety of services they need to establish businesses, helping them to name the appropriate business activity and giving them options that allow you the freedom to determine the optimal path that suits the performance of your business to ensure that it runs skillfully and quickly.

The Business Establishment Department serves emerging companies in Dubai because it is a rapidly developing global market with many promising investment opportunities, preferred by businessmen and investors to establish their companies. We offer them the advantages of expanding companies and investment opportunities for the world starting from Dubai.

We have a team of the most efficient experts who are fully aware of government processes and procedures, which has increased our ability to design integrated solutions that help you establish and operate your company.

You will not be worried and confused by the many legal procedures required to set up your business in Dubai.

With us, you can be sure that the procedures for establishing your company are completed quickly and efficiently while you can proceed your business immediately.